Three Academic Domains

Students at Yamanashi Eiwa College can choose courses from across three academic domains, Psychological Service, Global Studies, and Media Science.


The Psychological Service domain provides courses on basic psychological theories and research methods. There are also courses and opportunities for professional training and internships at local organizations that specialize in psychological care and service.


The Global Studies domain provides courses in which students can study diverse social and cultural phenomena from a global viewpoint. These courses aim to nurture perspectives that will be helpful even when acting locally in this rapidly globalizing society.


The Media Science domain provides courses on using and developing Information and Communication Technology, which aims to foster cutting-edge ideas for improving and solving problems in our daily lives.


By cross-cultivating knowledge and ideas from across these three domains, students will become able to better serve the world.





Transforming Interests into Pursuits

Yamanashi Eiwa College is a small private college thatprovides an exceptional education based on the spirit of Christianity for undergraduate and graduate students.
It originates from the Yamanashi Eiwa Girl’s School founded by Canadian Methodist missionaries in 1889.
Now we provide opportunities for learning and engagement that span the prefecture, the nation and the world.
Our campus is full of flowers and trees, comprised of European-style buildings in the foothills of mountains
which provide wonderful views of Kofu City, Mt. Fuji,and the Japan Southern Alps.
This is a place of educational transformation.



Special Features:

1 We continue to build on a tradition and culture nurtured in the spirit of Christianity for more than 130 years. We live with others, we live for others, and we live by others.




2 We have excellent faculty members in various fields of psychology, language, literature, cultural studies, business, and media science. Three academic domains are offered: Psychological Service, Global Studies, and Media Science.




3 Foreign language classes are intensive and practical: native speakers offer classes in English, Chinese, and Korean, and students enjoy learning languages while receiving academic training.




4 ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is offered by our ICT faculty members; our ICT education program is the leader of this field in Yamanashi Prefecture, and gives the opportunity to develop proficiency in ICT literacy.




5 Eiwa grants and scholarships are available to international students too, so they can concentrate on their studies.




6 All students, including international students, have an academic advisor to consult for academic issues. In addition to academic support, the International Exchange Office provides support to international students for matters in everyday life and also plans events to facilitate communication with Japanese students. The counseling center also provides psychological support when needed.